Trails of Vermio mountain - Mountaki


Nature strengthens our soul, heals our wounds and brings us new life.

#PureNaoussa We can enjoy the indescribable beauty of nature of Mount Vermion and live unique moments on the trails alone or with family or with friends.We start from the enchanting St. Nikolaos grove, on a circular route with two paths to and from the top of "Mountaki".

Boxwood, oaks, chestnut trees and, as we climb higher, pine, fir and beech trees blend into a fascinating mix of colors and flavors. Each route, of moderate difficulty, lasts 2,5 to 3,5 hours.As we climb from the side of “Seliotiko”, the view of the steep rocks and the moon as well as “Grammeni” and “Donti”, “Bitsina” and the “Floor” in front of us, creates an enchanting landscape.

We reach the top of "Mountaki" where the view is indescribably beautiful, it strengthens and awakens the senses. Ahead, we can enjoy the view of “Seli”, “Asourbasi” mount peak, the mountains Pieria and Olympus, “Burino” and "Askio" while on the right “Durlia” and “Agio Pneuma” peaks rise, with the magnificent plain of Imathia lying below.

We descend towards “Karoutia” and “Paliompatsi” and even lower into the “Karamitsos” cave. When climbing down the “Mavrolakas” side, it is cold and wet because of the lush vegetation inside the stream.

It is the time of year that nature has worn its beautiful, dark-green dress with blossoms spreading on an exciting color canvas.


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