"40 Chambers" Cave

Forty Chambers!

Who of all the residents of Naoussa doesn't know the cave in the "Kukos" area which is located nearby the town, was used during wars by the fighters to escape the enemy through secret passages that ended up in Veria. At least that's what the legend says…

Let's see what the events say... In the corridors of the cave in 1994, three children were lost. Fortunately, they were rescued after a few hours. The event was aired in the media and the Greek Speleological Exploratory Group (SPELEO) found out about it. A year later, a SPELLΕO team organized its exploration.

The group members’ access was achieved through a precipitous path. At the beginning, they followed a corridor which was expanding and forming successive chambers. At  points these chambers were interconnected with narrow and difficult passes, which make it difficult to find a way out. They then advanced relatively easily deeper in the cave, but at one point they had to climb. During the trail, they had the opportunity to admire the stalagmite decorum with the impressive plant fossils. The exploration was completed when the team ended up in constricted parts that the human body couldn’t fit. During the following years more explorations and photographing of the cave ensued. The "Forty Chambers" had finally become an image.

The legend, faithful to its definition as popular imagination, did not lead us through its cave chambers to Veria. The events, however, led us to the town’s most significant cave, justifying its name and giving us a unique attraction; the fossilized underground world of plants.

Μετάβαση στην κορυφή της σελίδας

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