Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Sewerage


The Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Sewerage of Naoussa (DEYAN) was founded in 1989 according to 1069/80 Law and has been functioning since 1991. The intention of the enterprise was the manufacture of a Water supply-Sewerage and Biological Cleaning network, the management of this network and the provision of services to Municipality of Naoussa's citizens so that the quality of life could be improved.

The offices of the enterprise are located at the renewed building of the former "Sfageio" at Sfageio street while the storehouses are accommodated at the installations of the former Industry of blankets "Vetlans Naoussa".



Today DEYAN supplies water approximately 10.000 water systems which serve 25.000 residents in the city of Naoussa and in the Municipal Apartments of Arkochori, Giannakochori, Rodochori and Stenimachos.

New water supply and sewerage networks have been manufactured in the city of Naoussa while new networks are manufactured and in the other Municipal Apartments.

Units of Potable Water Processing and Biological Cleaning have also been constructed in order to have water and night soil of the city been processed while various projects for the completion and operation of the new networks have been scheduled.


DEYAN is managed by a 11 member Board of Directors which is the supreme membership that mainly modulates the developmental policy of the enterprise and is appointed by the Municipal Council every two years. Mr Tasionas Georgios has been defined as the Chairman.

Today the enterprise occupies 16 people with vague time relation of work. 6 people out of 16 belong to the Administrative personnel while the rest belong to the technical service.

Seasonal personnel with conventions of defined time are also occupied for the implementation of projects with surveillance.

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