Municipality of Heroic City Naoussa

The Municipality of Naoussa was founded on 17/10/1912 when the city was released from Turks. In 1955 Naoussa was characterized as Heroic City for the fights and sacrifices during the national liberating war against the Turkish rank in 1822 by the 3/9/1955 Royal Decree.

In the frames of the program "Ioannis Kapodistrias", Naoussa is united with the communities of Arkochori, Giannakochori, Rodochori and Stenimachos in 1998 and constitutes the new extended Municipality of Naoussa which covers an extent of 300.891 acres.

The Municipality of Naoussa is located at the western department of the Prefecture Imathia, has a population of 22.288 residents (inventory E.S.Y.E. 2001, FEK 715/[B]'/12-6-2002) is the capital of the homonym Province and is 18 km away from Veria, 90 km away from Thessaloniki and 510 km away from Athens. It comes under the Region of Central Macedonia and according to Ministerial Decision that was published in B' issue of the 1074/29-12/95 FEK Naoussa belongs to the declining industrial regions while the article 3 of the 75/268/EOK Instruction includes Naoussa in the mountainous-unfavorable regions. Also Naoussa belongs to the Greek Network of Cities with Rivers and the National Network of Healthy Cities which aims at the application of "Health for all in the 21st century" and is supported by the General Management of XI European Union.

Traditional communication roads constitute the ring road of Veria-Edessa that connects the city with Thessaloniki, Edessa and Western Macedonia and the railway line of Florina - Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki - Athens (Intercity track).

Because of its particular natural relief and affluent spontaneous water of the region, Municipality of Naoussa allocates places of special natural beauty that have been developed through the creation of two tourist poles of attraction, the Thicket of Agios Nikolaos and the Ski Centre of the 3-5 Pigadia.

At the same time, the region allocates an appreciable archaeological wealth (School of Aristotle, Macedonian Tombs, Ancient Mieza etc) and in combination with the archaeological regions of Vergina, Pella and Dion constitute a huge archaeological network.

Finally the wealthy architectural heritage of the city which includes urban and industrial buildings reveals a city with wealthy cultural past.

The Municipality of Naoussa allocates organized services which have the essential material and technical infrastructure and are accommodated at buildings on Dimarchias street. The composition of the services is focused on the existence of five Directions:

 Supervises the following 4 Municipal Enterprises:

Also Naoussa allocates the following 4 Public Entities:


Naoussa has been included in many Community programs of B' Community Support Frame such as LIFE, HORIZON, LEONARDO, NOW, LEADER and TELEMATICS.

More specifically the Municipality of Naoussa has enjoyed a European discrimination for the LIFE program and the project "Completed Management of Agios Nikolaos' Thicket".

Additionally the Municipality of Naoussa participates in a pan- European network of nine twinned cities and has been was rewarded the GOLDEN STARS OF TWIN-TOWNS' INSTITUTION for its exemplary activities at Dublin in October 1995,

The 3rd C.S.F., the participation of Municipality Naoussa in the O.P.A.A.X of Eastern Vermion, the inclusion in 3.8 and 3.9 regulations of P.E.P. of Central Macedonia with the Completed Program of Urban Reformation of Arapitsa River, the attendance in Community Initiative LEADER+ and in the E.P. "Society of Information", along with the continuous examination of all proclamations either of P.E.P or the sectorial Operational Programs and the remaining financing means, led Naoussa to materialize important projects and thus create a developmental frame which is capable to offer another aspect in the region in the future.

With regard to the preparation of Municipality of Naoussa for the materialization of various projects through the E.S.P.A (4th Community Support Frame) it should be noted that the Municipality has already been certified for its services with ISO 9001/2000 and has also been certified with the confirmation of the Administrative Sufficiency according to the YPOIO commands. Therefore readiness for the next programmatic period already exists and the effort has begun.